Coca Cola : Rice Fields of Joy

With Coca-Cola's "Rice Fields of Joy" campaign, immerse yourself in the heart of Tamil traditions through a celebration that combines the lively Thai Pongal with the fizz of Coca-Cola. We set off on a tour across the lush landscapes of Sri Lankan rice fields, where every sip becomes a harmonizing note in the symphony of Tamil culture, all in the spirit of togetherness, prosperity, and shared joy.

Parttake in a cultural fusion where the richness of tradition meets the signature red of Coca-Cola, as we take inspiration from the detailed depictions of rice production. More than just a marketing campaign, "Rice Fields of Joy" is a toast to the community, a celebration of the harvest, and a reminder that happiness is best experienced in shared experiences.

Presenting the limited edition Coca-Cola Packaging, which combines the recognizable red that symbolizes Coca-Cola with traditional Tamil artwork in a compelling way. Each package is embellished with vivid images that showcase the stages of planting, tending, and harvesting, evoking the rich cultural legacy of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka and drawing inspiration from the complex beauty of Tamil rice production. Bright hues are employed to integrate traditional symbols, which dance across the packaging to create a visual story of prosperity and togetherness. Feel the essence of Thai Pongal as you hold this collector's edition in your hands, where each drink becomes a link to the long-standing customs and the joy of abundance.

Behold the enchanting world of our Coca-Cola Animation, a visual masterpiece that breathes life into the captivating illustrations inspired by Tamil rice cultivation. As the animated scenes unfold, witness the journey from seed to harvest. Traditional motifs come alive with vibrant colors, seamlessly weaving the story of unity and shared joy within the lush landscapes of Sri Lankan rice fields & tamil culture.


Wow Homies
Art Director/ Creative Lead : Sandun Dayarathne
Creative Lead/ Copywriter : Nuwantha Herath
Animations : Tharuka Dilshan
CX Researcher : Kasun Ambepitiya

Disclaimer: The conceptual designs presented, including the Limited Edition Packaging and Animation, are artistic representations created by Wow Homies for the purpose of visualizing the "Rice Fields of Joy" campaign for Coca-Cola. These designs are not official or endorsed by Coca-Cola, and any resemblance to actual products is purely coincidental. Wow Homies takes pride in its creative approach to concept design, and these visualizations serve as illustrative examples of our imaginative capabilities. For official and accurate information about Coca-Cola's products and campaigns, please refer to the official channels and communications of the Coca-Cola Company.

​​​​​​​Made with ❤️ by Wow Homies

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